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Vietnam Needs Of Coals

Coal is a plentiful resource used to produce energy. It has been used all over the world both in a form of electricity and heat. Even though some people think that coal is all the same, however it is a complex resource. It has varied composition even within the same deposit. Thus, each different coal is used for different purpose. Generally, coal is a useful energy resource which can help to our living. There are other types of energy resources other than coal but it’s one of the most sought amongst them. It is the cheapest source of energy and it also provides standle source of energy. Thus, even though there are some arguments about its impact to the environment, it’s still hard to replace coal with other energy sources.

There are many countries in the world depending on coal as their primary energy resource. Vietname is one those countries who rely on coal for their energy source especially for electricity. There are reason why coal is needed the most such as:

a.As told above that coal is way cheaper than other energy resources. Thus, for developing country like Vietnam, coal can be a solution for economical issue. A country cannot just give up on using energy resources just because they are not affordable. Thus, they need to find affordable energy source like coal. Vietnam have been using coals for years as their main energy source. It proves that coal is needed the most by developing country due to its low-price.

b.Coal provides more stable energy compare to others. There won’t be any sudden scarcity like natural gas. It doesn’t mean that coal will never be running out of stocks. However, it’s stability is ensured for a long period time ahead so there is no need to worry. Vietnam as a developing country need continuity in coal supply for their needs like building infrastructure, industrial, and other sectors.

Coal is irresistably needed by many developing countries. Even though there are calls to decrease the use of coal worldwide, the deman of coal is still high. To replace such important energy resource like coal means that the substitution should be there already. Thus, if the substitution can’t even be there yet, how come coal use can be decreased. Coal is considered as a source of economic value in many countries, included Vietnam.

http://charlotteskitchendiary.com/tag/spinach/ Vietnam has electricity generated from coal-fired therman power plant by the accounts of 50%. The total power of this country mainly depends on coal. The use of renewable sources is still at the very low level. Thus, Vietnam still need coals as the primary energy sources. However, Vietnam cannot fulfill their needs of coals thoroughly due to lack of coal reserves. They need to import coal from other countries like Indonesia for coal supply.

Vietnam uses coal-fired themal power plant because it’s still the major role in generating electricity in this country. Like it or not, Vietnam needs to be dependant on coals. Thermal power plants needs to import coal to meet demand. Joining partnership for coal importing with Indonesian coal mining company can be advantageous though. Vietnam and Indonesia are located closely to each other. The budget for transportation or delivery process won’t be too high.

Furthermore, one of the most trusted and reliable coal mining company from Indonesia is Coal Investors who are available for coal supply partnership. Coal Investors are always ready for long-term contract in supplying coal to another country. Coal Investors own their coal mining site in South Kalimantan. Thus, buyers can make a direct call or visit the site to do a survey before making a deal.

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