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Thailand’s Need Of Coals

Thailand is one of the biggest coal consumers in the world. Even though there has been protests from the residents and activits for more than two years, Thailand will keep on with the planning to build coal-fired power plant. Even though there is opposition regarding to coal uses in Thailand, it’s hard just to remove coal from the list of efficient energy source because it really helps developing country like Thailand. Building coal-fired power plant means a lot for people. It can deliver electricity and performs industry well.

Thailand is going to build coal-fired power plant in a southern tourist province involving 800 megawatt. It’s included into Thailand’s Power Development Plan for 2015 to 2036. Therefore, Thailand will still continue using coal as the main ebergy source for the construction of power plants. The project itself had been on paused for about two years because there was opposition. However, Thailand has been firmed to continue the project since they think that it’s beneficial. It’s also safe and valuable to build coal-fired power plant.

It is predicted that the power plant will start generating power in 2021 if the construction begin in 2018. The main purpose for building coal-fired power plant is to provide electricity. As everyone knows that electricity is one of the main important role for living whether you are living in modern city or rural areas. Electricity is essential because you can anything with it. You can get a job and money. Both for daily living to industrial activities, electricity is crucial element.

So why coal is still preferred by many countries despite of many protests ?

a.The availability of coal is more stable than other energy resources like oil or natural gas. People also realize that the world’s oil reserve is decreasing. We will reach to the point where there is no oil anymore that can be use as energy source. Meanwhile, coal still has enough reserve for years to come which can cover the needs of energy source worldwide.

b.The next reason is the price. Coal has lower price than other energy resources. Thus, it helps developing countries to grow without having much difficulty with budget. Coal is affordable for many countries in the world, especially Asia and Afrika. Economy has become the main issue on why many countries still depend on coals despite of the protests.

c.It’s not hard to get coal since it’s widely spread throughout the world. There are many places filled with coals. Even though a country doesn’t have coal mining site, they can easily import it from other countries. Besides, there won’t be any sudden scarcity to coals.

d.Coal mining industry employ many people around the world since the process of mining the coal are divided into several stages. It opens the opportunity for people to develop their life. From the process of coal mining to distributing, it involves many employee which depend their lives on coal mining industry. Thus, it’s hard to resist coals as the most effective energy source.

Furthermore, Thailand will continue building coal-fired power plant to solve electricity demand. Thus, Thailand needs to import coals from its neighbor like Indonesia. Indonesia has large coal reserves which can easily export their coal to another country. Coal Investors is one of coal mining companies from Indonesia, located in South Kalimantan.

http://charlotteskitchendiary.com/tag/spinach/ Coal Investors own their own coal mines in South Kalimantan. Thus, coals are mined and distributed from the site. If you are interested to buy coals from Coal Investors, you can contact the company or visit it directly to see coal mining process. Coal Investors is coal mining company available for long-term contract as what client wants.

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