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Current Coal Needs In Taiwan

Taiwan’s energy is 98 % imported. Taiwan have been struggling to develop sustainable, clean, and independent energy as they lack energy resources. The high demand for imported energy resources can’t be denied. Taiwan use oil as their energy source for about 48.5% of the total accounts. Meanwhile, coal comes next with 29.2%. They produce electricity mostly from fossil fuels, wind, nuclear, and also hydro power. Aside from it, Taiwan is still busy building their industries to develop their country. The need of energy resource is in high demand.

Taiwan received 65.96 million tons of coal import in 2013. It consisted of 58.96 million tons of steam coal and 7.02 million tons of cooking coal. Indonesia is the largest coal exporter country to Taiwan. Indonesia and Taiwan has been joing hand for coal supply for many years. The location of both countries are close to each other. No wonder that this kind of export-import partership can be advantageous for both countries. Taiwan is in high demand for coal supply as they are still developing their country. Meanwhile, Indonesia have plentiful energy resources like coals which can be exported to fulfill other countries needs.

Coal is useful energy resource used to produce energy both in a form of heat and electricity. To generate electricity, a country needs powerful and effective energy source. Coal is one of the most used energy resources in the world. It is preferred because it offers lower price than others. Besides, availability of coal is more secured, unlike oil or natural gas.

Taiwan has been implementing the principal about energy management to assure stability of energy supply. However, totally replacing coals with renewable energy sources cannot be done in an instant. Thus, Taiwan still need to import coals from other countries like Indonesia to ensure the stability of their energy supply. Furthermore, Taiwan is also trying hard to accelerating the rationalization of energy pricing. Energy efficient is the main issue for all countries in the world. However, coal cannot be removed from the list when it comes to price.

Coal offers more affordable price comparing to other energy sources. Taiwan’s effort in balancing energy pricing and cost can be optimized by choosing coals rather than oil or gas. Steady supply of coals can be assured since there won’t be any sudden scarcity of coals, unlike oild and natural gas. The development of regulations and policies regarding to energy comission in Taiwan is still going on. Thus, the use of coal as one of the main energy source in Taiwan is also still running.

Taiwan has also promising land that is expected to be filled with energy resources. However, the development is still vulnerable and it’s still under tight research. Until the time comes when Taiwan can be more independent to use their own energy sources gained from their own land, Taiwan still needs to import energy sources from other countries. For coal, Taiwan will still rely on Indonesia as the main supplier.

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