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Japan To Build More Coal-Fired Power Plants

Domestic coal production in Japan has come to an end since 2002. Since then, Japan relies on imports. It was estimated that up till 2012, Japan have importes about 186 million tonnes of coals. 133 millions tonnes are thermal coal and 43 millions tonnes are metallurgical coal. Japan imports coal mostly from Australia. The Government of Australia stated that Japan currently has slight decrease in thermal coal consumption to 2018 but there is also sligh increase in metallurgical coal consumption.

Japan has about 243 GW of installed electrical generating capacity coming mostly fired by coal then oil or gas. As of mid-2012, there are 61 thermal power plants in Japan. In addition, Japan still build other 6 power plants which 3 of them are using coal for generation. In 2010, coal accounts for 25% of electricity generation in Japan. Here are some partly and wholly coal-fired power stations owned by Japan :

http://charlotteskitchendiary.com/tag/sort-cookie-recipe/ a.Tomato-Atsuma Power Station
b.Haramachi Power Station
c.Noshiro Power Station
d.Hirono Thermal Power Station
e.Hitachinaka Thermal Power Station
f.Hekinan Power Station, etc

http://charlotteskitchendiary.com/category/recipes/baking/feed When there was an earthquake in Japan, it damaged some of coal-fired power plants. However, it didn’t lead to an increase in coal consumption. For Japan, coal-fired generation has always been a base load. Japan will seem to continue expanding coal-fired power plants to meet energy demand especially for electricity. However, Japan also has intention to reduce fuel costs by building new plants that will be designed for lower grade coals. Japan as a country with excellent technologies is encourage to develop clean coal tehnologies.

Japan shows great support for fossil fuel use, saying that it helps developing countries adopt the best available technologies for coal-fired power plants. Japan is considered as the biggest providers of coal financing. Japan says that it’s beneficial to develop more efficient coal-fired plants as it will cut carbon dioxide emissions. For developing countries, it will be beneficial and helpful to improve energy security by relying on cheal fuels like coal.

http://charlotteskitchendiary.com/tag/go-lakes/ Japan said that it’s not realistic to quit coal entirely as growing power in high demand. In fact, India and Indonesia already planned to add more coal capacity to meet the needs of efficient energy source in many countries all over the world. Japan with their project to create more efficient coal-fired power plants is expected to help many developing countries in their struggles with power issues.

Technologies found by Japan is expected to push for energy-related insfrastructure. Therefore, thermal power plants will have high-efficiency and it can help removing air pollutant or at least reducing it. Cheap electricity is the main goal on Japanese project of more-efficient coal-fired power plants. In emerging economies, power is in a high demand. It’s not only in Asia but Africa as well.

Japan will continue importing coals from other countries to meet their needs in building power plants. Even though Australia is the biggest supplier of coal for Japan, seeing the increasing needs of coals makes it possible for Japan to import coal for another country like Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the largest coal producers in the world. Thus, importing coals from Indonesia can be beneficial for both countries.

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