Steam Coal from south kalimantan

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One of the energy sources in Indonesia that use as main materials for electric generations is coal. Coal is cheaper energy so it makes the coals as a commodity in order to reduce the energy subsidies and improve the energy purchasing power of society. The program has been made since the development power plant with the capacity around 35,000 MW, the using of coals becomes as the one of alternative way as Source of Fuel Steam Power Plant. The Government has been committed that the review realizes the program in term of 5 years until year of 2009. The other aim from this program is realize the economic development higher around 6% until 7%. Indonesia is a country which reaches of natural resources. This statement is familiar around the other countries. The coals have been providing much supply especially in South Kalimantan area. The commodity of coals in year of 2000 can give significant advantage fro the company which works in coals exporting. The increasing of price has been effect by the economy development in developing countries. However, the coals ever being crash in year of 2008 when the global crisis occur and the commodity prices start decrease significantly. Indonesia get the external factors because commodity export contributes around 20% from the amount total of export. In year of 2009 until 2011, the coal global process get the sharp rebound. As the times by the coals commodity start develop and grow up again remind the request of coals that becomes the essential resources in our life.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) stated that Indonesia coal reserves and left only 2-3% of the world’s coal reserves. In year of 2015 only rest around 31 billion tones. In year of 2011, Indonesia becomes the fifth of the biggest producer of coals and most of them has been export than as a domain consumption. Finally, in the year of 2013, Indonesia becomes the biggest coal producer in the world. The using of colas as and energy source will be higher in the future. The Indonesia Government in Presidential Regulation in number 5 in year of 2006, stated that launched in 20125 the using of coals as a energy source will be than the using of petroleum, natural gas and renewable energy. The coals with the high CV already use since the first mined in Indonesia, the majority of the coals has been export and become very significance sources for Indonesia. The coals have been get the income from the producer and Government as well. If you interest with the coal from the South Kalimantan, we provide the coals that originally from South Kalimantan. For further information, you can contact us through our official site in, The coal investors are mining the own coals from South Kalimantan and sell the coals with the certain specification and derived from the single coals. The coal quantity is 65,000 mt/ shipment then loading by the crane and grab. We open for coal buyers, coal traders, the coal users from local in Indonesia or Worldwide clients.

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