Sri Lanka Imported Coals Consumption


Sri Lanka Imported Coals Consumption

Order Phentermine From India Sri Lanka is considering coal power plants to meet its spiralling energy needs. The country was reliant to coal imports and started to consider clean energy. However, it cannot quit coal just entirely because they have high demand to meet growing. Small countries in the world are actually facing the same dilemma. To fuel their surging economic growth, it leads to the increasing amounts of energy as well. On the other hand, they lack of natural energy resources to generate energy themselve which make the problem is more complicated and dilemmatic.

However, Sri Lanka is a bit different from other small countries. It can turn the dilemma to become a quite successful strategy. Sri Lanka uses solar energy for homes and coal for industry. Thus, Sri Lanka will continue developing clean energy but still imports coals. In remote regions in Sri Lanka, electricity is not widely spread. Thus, Sri Lanka needs to continue building electricity generation to meet high demand in electricity distribution.

Sri Lanka has developing clean and sustainable sources of energy to meed their needs. However, coal cannot be cut entirely since the energy needs is too huge to be covered only by solar or other green energies. Even though coal is considered as one of the most polluting sources of electricity generation, it still plays major role in providing needs of power in the country, especially in small country like Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has a coal-fired power plant names The Norocholai Power Station. It generates more energy then any other facility there. In fact, Sri Lanka plans to build another coal-fired power plant on the island’s east coast. It’s planned to be the last coal-fired power plant to ever built by the government due to its mission to develop clean energy sources.

Sri Lanka relis on coal imports since it doesn’t have its own coal resources. China is important role in building up and constructing the country’s coal-fired plant as well as energy capacity. However, the second plant is planned to be built with the help from India. However, Sri Lanka imports coals from Indonesia as the main provider for coal supply. Sri Lanka depends on fossil fuels like coal as the main energy source since the price of oil keeps increasing.

The global demand of coal is high that importing coals from world’s biggest coal exporters can help. Sri Lanka also doesn’t have anu coal reserves so coal imports is still the first option to choose. The one existing coal power station in Sri Lanka has been running for six years and it will continue to run throughout the next two decades. Coal is considered to be cheap energy source which can meet electricity demand as well as increase quality of life for the citizens at lower cost.

There are many coal mining companies in the world that can export coals to Sri Lanka. However, Sri Lanks has neighbor with large coal production, Indonesia. Importing coals from Indonesia can be advantageous since it won’t require high cost for delivering process. Indonesia is one of the largest coal exporters in the world.

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