Coal Plant

Coal is fossil fuel which contributes to many sectors including electricity. In Indonesia, coal is widely used for many purposes like cement and steel industries as well as PLTU (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap) or Electric Steam Power Plant. PLTU is another type of power plant built and used in Indonesia to fulfill electricity needs for the overall area. This kind of power plant will help to generate electricity which is as important as water for developing country like Indonesia. The link of industries and power plant is tighly bounded each other. Industry will be able to grow if the electricity supply meets the needs. About PLTU and coal plants PLTU uses coal as its main fuels. Coal plants produce electricity by burning coal in a produce steam or boiler. The steam then will flow into a turbine spinning a generator. The generator functions to create electricity. Then, the steam is cooled and condensed back into water. It is returned to the boiler and the process will start over. With coal plants, people have chance to create and distribute electric power in mass scale. Power plants are usually located far from the cities. Sub-urban regions are always used for the location of power plants to fulfill the needs of huge land water.

Amongst all types of power plants, coal plant is considered as conventional method of generating electric power. However, its efficiency is considered high. Types of coal used for coal plant are bituminous and brown coal. In developing country, electricity is badly needed. That’s why, it is critical to build power plant which will distribute electricity equally in mass scale for the sake of the people who want to live comfortably.

Why coal is chosen as power plant’s fuel?

There are several reasons why coal plant is efficient to generate electricity. First, cost for the fuel is considered cheap if coal is used as the major fuel. Besides, the initial cost is less compared to stations. Furthermore, when it comes to space demand, coal plant requires less. Hence, power plant with coal as its fuel gives advantage for electricity distribution. Indonesia has got PLTU as one of the powerful power plant. Besides, Indonesia has got coal mining as well. Therefore, there is no reason not to use coal for country’s development as it gives big advantage. With the collaboration of PLTU and coal mining company, the need of coal will always be supplied and the electricity will be distributed for each area.

Even though coal plant is considered as conventional method in generating electricity, it’s still an efficient way to do. Hence, Coal Investors is here to supply coal for PLTU and other coal plants all over the world. We are mining coal in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is one of the biggest coal mining places in Indonesia. We offer for best deals and we also come with competitive price. Short or long term deals are welcome as long as it gives positive feedback for both parties. We are ready to be the best partner of yours.

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