Coal Indonesia

Indonesia is included into one of the biggest coal miners and exporters in the world. Hence, coal mining companies have developed equally in Indonesia. Coal plays important role for developing country like Indonesia. The growth of the nation depends on coal for example as electricity generator, several industries, and many more. Coal is considered affordable and easy to get so it becomes the best choice when it comes to alternative fuels. It can be used for heat or electricity needs. Indonesia has surpassed Australia as coal exporter in 2005. Hence, the development of coal business in Indonesia is getting big.

There are many types of coal and can be caegorized into several name and level. Indonesia produces thermal coal the most. Indonesia exports thermal coal to China, India and other countries. Many people are worried about the use of coal as alternative fuel. It’s because coal is fossil fuel which is non-renewable and it can be running out as the time goes by. Indonesia has been predicted to running out of coal in 83 years. Stock of coal generally in Indonesia is about 3.1% which placed 10th in the world. Placed at 10th rank of the most largest coal stock, lots of countries are dependent to Indonesia mining to supply coal as they needed.

There are several places in Indonesia mining and producing the most of coal such as East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, and South Sumatra. Those are the places where the coal is mined and produced to supply into other industries and manufacturers. The use of coal in Indonesia is quite high but still lower comparing to other countries. Hence, domestic consumption of coal is not too intense. That’s why Indonesia prefer to export coal products to other countries especially China and India where coal is badly needed.

Coal mining in Indonesia

Coal mining in Indonesia is still growing up till now. The volume of coal production is still increasing by the time. The availability of coal in Indonesia is considered safe enough to supply for every needs. The extraction process of coal is not so hard so people prefer coal than any other energy resources. Indonesia owns enough coal stock with low and middle quality. With this coal, Indonesia may offer competitive price in the international market.

After China and India, Japan and Korea are the next destination of coal exporting from Indonesia. They are good target because they really need coal for electricity needs for their large number of people. The future of coal is still shining as the need of coal will keep rising. Even though there are other alternative fuels to replace coal, they are still hard to accept especially for the comodity of several developing industries. Hence, Coal Investors is ready to be part of coal use needed for each sector in our lives. We are mining coal from South Kalimantan where it’s also our company’s location. We will be ready to supply coal according to the calories produced. Just call our customer service and find any information needed.

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