Coal India

The needs of coal in India is quite high. Coal is the main fuel to generate various industries in India. That’s why, mining and producing coal is essential. However, the number of needs and supply is not balance. India still need to import thermal coal until now. Even though the ministry already said that they planned to stop coal importing in three years ahead, it’s still a long way to go. They believe thay they will be able to produce one billion ton on coal in 2019. Hope it will happen as India’s industry needs to grow bigger.

Thermal coal is kind of coal used as fuel to generate electricity or industry. Indonesia is one of country which export thermal coal to India. In 2014, Indonesia exported 37.48 million tons of coal. India is one of coal exporting destination for those countries which produce coals. It’s promising market for coal mining and coal trading company to export coal to India as they need it for the nation’s economic growth. Electricity consumption in India keeps increasing. As the result, the needs of coal is also getting bigger. Electricity is essential needs for developing country like India so the supply of coal as the main fuel should be fulfilled.

Coal Supply for India

India has been importing coal from several coal producing countries like Indonesia. There are issues that the market of coal is decreasing. It is because of pollution, and carbon produced by using coal as the fuel. However, industry of coal will remain strong globally because the growth of indutry all over the world is still running. India, as a country which needs coal for their industrial development today still need to import coal from other countries. That’s why, Indonesia takes it role to supply thermal coal for India.

Coal Investors is coal mining and coal trading company which is available for global coal exporting. We are professional coal company that is always be ready to join hand and supply coal for various purpose like electricity generator or industry. We are located in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, where it’s the place for coal mining and producing. Indonesia itself is included into one of the major exporters and producers in the world based on data acquired from the World Energy Council. Therefore, as one of trusted and reliable coal exporter and producer, we are available for the best deals.

Coal Today

In India, coal plays a big role in major industries. Coal is preferrable for developing countries like India because of its low cost and also availability. Coal is distributed very well all over the world. That’s why it’s still being the most chosen fossil fuel among others. High demand made by several industries like cement industry, will make the needs of coal increased each year. Although climate change and enviromental issues still exist, we have to believe that there is a way to minimize the global impact. It’s because coal is one of the most beneficial energy resources that can be used widely for human needs for global development.

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