Coal Supplier From Indonesia


Coal Supplier From Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with lots of potentials. One of them is energy resource like coal. This fossil fuel is useful for Indonesia and easy to get because there are several areas containing coal. As heat or energy source, coal can be used in variety of industries like steel, cement, paper, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. A country needs to grow better from every sectors like infrastructure, the medical facilities, medicines, etc. Those will become true by the contribution of coal as alternative fuels.

Why coal?

The availability of coal has been distributed all over the world equally. Many countries mine and produce their own coal from their ground. It gives advantages as coal is precious fossiel fuel. People use coal for many reasons such as:


The price of coal is way cheaper than any other energy sources like mineral, oil, or gas. Froe developing countries, the growth should be done so they can catch up with other countries. The growth of a country depends on its industry. Hence, to generate industry, coal is used as alternative fuel. With affordable price, of course the burden of a country can be reduced a little.

No scarcity

Coal is considered a stable source of energy. Hence, you will never hear such word like ‘scarcity’ because there is plentiful supply in many countries producing coals. Different from natural gas when sometimes you find it hard to get because of scarcity, coal will be provided in demand.

Quick process

You can burn coal whenever you need to release its energy. The heat will be useful for various purposes. Besides, the process of coal mining and production are not too complicated. It can be mined and burned from coal mining. It just needs to be transported to another place. It doesn’t need to go through many steps. You can use it directly as it is without having it processed.

Coal mining in Indonesia

Coal mining in Indonesia is one of trusted one because Indonesia produce quality of coal which never let you down. Indonesia is categorized into one of the biggest exporters and miners in the world. They have exported coal to other countries like China and India. Kalimantan and Sumatra are two biggest islands producing coal in Indonesia. Most of coals for many industries are supplied from those places. Coal in Indonesia has contributed in generating electricity and developing many industries.

Coal Investors is one of coal mining and coal trading company in Indonesia. We are producing coal fresh from coal mining. We are located in South Kalimantan, Indonesia where we mine, produce, transport, and export our coal product. We’d like to join hand with industry or manufacturing for short or long term deals. We have been working in this field for long time and we work professionally. About the price, we offer for affordable and competitive price. Furthermore, if you need information regarding to our coal products, don’t hesitate to call our customer service and ask everything you’d like to know.

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