Coal Mine Joint Operation

Coal Mine Joint Operation

If you want to have a better future in coal mine business then you may join us. You can be the investor on this business. Indonesia is the one of the biggest countries that produce coal with the good quality. Today, the position is competing with Australia but Indonesia still keep the rank very well. For your information, in this time, coal becoming the most wanted energy source. Some countries in this world already use the coal mine as their main need. Now, we can produce the coal from the 150.000 until 300.000 metric ton every year. We can guarantee the quality of our product because we give you the fresh coal from the mining. It directly mined and we deliver it to the customer.

The coal mine that produce in Indonesia dominated with the low and medium quality. We exported our coal to the India and also China. The stock of coal in Indonesia can enough for the next 80 years. This is the real fact about the good future of coal business that you can get. You may start to be the coal investment in Indonesia but of course the steps will not easy. There is some procedures and requirements that you should complete if you want to do that. That is the reason why we offer you a good choice to join the operation as our investor. For your information, we have the coal mining that located in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Kalimantan is one of the island that can produce the best quality coal in Indonesia. Besides that, Indonesia also has another island that become coal mining. Sumatera is the island that also become the place with big stock of coal. That is the reason why in those islands we can find many company that also focuses on this business.

Here are some requirements for you who want to be the coal investors. As the investors you should have good business management. The investors also need to be qualified in product. The quality of the product will become the sensitive point because the coal will be spread around this world. The coal quality will be different based on the calories they have. We are producing the coal with the GAR 3800-3600, GAR 6000-5800 and GAR 4200-4000. We also ship 65.000 metric ton once. For the loading process we use the grab and also crane. Until now, the good value of coal business still stay well. Of course, the mining business always have its own problem. It can be done in real nature and the employee will meet with any unpredictable trouble. The other challenges come from the local government and also the local people that stay around the mining location.

The investors should be very detail and diligent. If you as the investor can through the challenges and the problem you face then you can have good preparation about it, you will have best future in investing coal mining. It can be lifetime coal business that can stay longer with good value. You will get a good income of course. To be the best investor on this business is not easy but also it still possible for everyone who want. The business management will become the most important side. On this last 10 years we already reach the best goal on this mining. This is the long term business that will give you good challenges and advantages in one time. As the coal investor you should complete the standard that already given. Indonesia become the right country to have the good coal mine and we offer the best for you.

Coal Mine Take Over / Acquisition / Joint Operation
For more information about coal mine to take over in East Kalimantan , please contact us. Investors / Your Company will get valid document, direct from the owner.

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