Coal Indonesia


Indonesian Coal Is Demanded by Many Countries in the World

The government of Indonesia has been trying hard to control their coal output and export. The output is pushed down in order to preserve the coal for future generation. Government is also increasing domestic consumption following the electricity program of mega project 35,000 MW that more than 50% of the electricity production is made from coal-fueled power plant. Yet, regardless of the control, coal output and export is on the rise in 2017, due to higher prices and demands from global worlds.

In 2017, coal production is calculated to be about 18% higher than government mandated target of 413 million metric tons. As the coal prices recovered from a five-year collapse, miners maximize their output to take the advantages and compensate the previous losses. In addition, Indonesian coal is in high demand by many countries in the world.

The biggest customers of Indonesian coal are China, India, South Korea, and Japan. Although export to China is shrinking over the pass three years due to the rise of China’s domestic output, Chine is still one of the top of Indonesia’s overseas shipments. From January to August 2017, it is recorded the value of Indonesia’s coal export to China reached USD 1.68 billion. Indonesia is on the second place of China’s coal partners under Australia who take the first place.

India is also potential market for Indonesia’s coal. In 2015, export to India is recorded to be 34% of the total Indonesia’s coal export. The number rose greatly from 28% in 2013. India is on the great development that requires energy while coal is low cost resources to meet their energy demand.

Apart of the four countries, demands are also coming from other countries. The neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines are small examples of the countries that make market diversification wider.

Demand from Malaysia is high. The record stated 10 million tons of coal is imported by Malaysia from Indonesia in 2017. Malaysia needs coal because about 45% of their energy supply comes from coal-fueled power plant. The great development in some regions makes the energy demand rise, hence coal demand in increase. It is predicted that Malaysia will need 40 millions tons of coal annually by 2020. Importing coal from Indonesia is so far the best solution for Malaysia since the country does not have enough coal output.

Vietnam is also highly needs coal for their energy production. Coal is low cost hence it is suitable for developing country like Vietnam. Due to lack of coal reserves, Vietnam could not fulfill their need of coal themselves. Import becomes their solution, while Indonesia is their best choice.

Philippines is another potential market for Indonesia’s coal. The estimation is about 15 million tons of coal is shipped from Indonesia to Philippines every year. Indonesia is the highest coal supplier for Philippines as 70% of their coal import comes from Indonesia. Unfortunately, coal trade between two countries was disturbed by a series of hijacking incident in Philippines southern sea in 2016. The governments of two countries are working hard to solve the problem.

There are many other countries, which need coals for their energy. Even countries who try to convert their energy production into more environmental-friendly still need coal to meet their increasing energy demands. For example is Sri Lanka. The country works hard to convert their electricity production to solar energy. However, they still import coal to generate energy for industry.

Indonesia still takes the top place of thermal coal exporter. Known as low-grade coal, demand to Indonesia’s coal is high due to the low cost. Therefore, coal sector is said to be one of the promising investments in the country.


Thailand’s Need Of Coals

Thailand is one of the biggest coal consumers in the world. Even though there has been protests from the residents and activits for more than two years, Thailand will keep on with the planning to build coal-fired power plant. Even though there is opposition regarding to coal uses in Thailand, it’s hard just to remove coal from the list of efficient energy source because it really helps developing country like Thailand. Building coal-fired power plant means a lot for people. It can deliver electricity and performs industry well.

Thailand is going to build coal-fired power plant in a southern tourist province involving 800 megawatt. It’s included into Thailand’s Power Development Plan for 2015 to 2036. Therefore, Thailand will still continue using coal as the main ebergy source for the construction of power plants. The project itself had been on paused for about two years because there was opposition. However, Thailand has been firmed to continue the project since they think that it’s beneficial. It’s also safe and valuable to build coal-fired power plant.

It is predicted that the power plant will start generating power in 2021 if the construction begin in 2018. The main purpose for building coal-fired power plant is to provide electricity. As everyone knows that electricity is one of the main important role for living whether you are living in modern city or rural areas. Electricity is essential because you can anything with it. You can get a job and money. Both for daily living to industrial activities, electricity is crucial element.

So why coal is still preferred by many countries despite of many protests ?

a.The availability of coal is more stable than other energy resources like oil or natural gas. People also realize that the world’s oil reserve is decreasing. We will reach to the point where there is no oil anymore that can be use as energy source. Meanwhile, coal still has enough reserve for years to come which can cover the needs of energy source worldwide.

b.The next reason is the price. Coal has lower price than other energy resources. Thus, it helps developing countries to grow without having much difficulty with budget. Coal is affordable for many countries in the world, especially Asia and Afrika. Economy has become the main issue on why many countries still depend on coals despite of the protests.

c.It’s not hard to get coal since it’s widely spread throughout the world. There are many places filled with coals. Even though a country doesn’t have coal mining site, they can easily import it from other countries. Besides, there won’t be any sudden scarcity to coals.

d.Coal mining industry employ many people around the world since the process of mining the coal are divided into several stages. It opens the opportunity for people to develop their life. From the process of coal mining to distributing, it involves many employee which depend their lives on coal mining industry. Thus, it’s hard to resist coals as the most effective energy source.

Furthermore, Thailand will continue building coal-fired power plant to solve electricity demand. Thus, Thailand needs to import coals from its neighbor like Indonesia. Indonesia has large coal reserves which can easily export their coal to another country. Coal Investors is one of coal mining companies from Indonesia, located in South Kalimantan.

Coal Investors own their own coal mines in South Kalimantan. Thus, coals are mined and distributed from the site. If you are interested to buy coals from Coal Investors, you can contact the company or visit it directly to see coal mining process. Coal Investors is coal mining company available for long-term contract as what client wants.


Philippines Needs Imported Coals

Philippines currently has issued about renewable energy plants and the use of coal-fired plants. Coal is still the major energy source for Asian countries. Its affordable price and stable availability makes coal continue to be needed by many developing countries regardless the environmental issues. It’s possible that someday there will be renewable energies which can replace the role of coal. However, it’s not today. It’s still hard for renewable enegies to compete with cheap coal.

Philippines indeed has develop renewable energy resources by installing 1,000 MW as of April 2016. However, it’s not the end of the story. New coal and natural gas plants built have much higher capacities indeed. They have reduced renewable energy’s share in the power mix. It proves how hard it is to develop renewable energy sources. Meanwhile, Philippines currently has 17 operating coal plants. Indeed, 29 plants are in the pipeline.

The number of coal plants are higher than natural gas. It proves that Philippines still needs coal as the primary energy source to fulfill their needs. The reasons why Philippines will continue using coal as the main energy source are simple.
• Philippines has one of the highest electricity rates in the world. Increasing power rates will lead to strong resistance from end-users as well as politicians and society organization. Using more expensive energy sources will increase the rates which can lead to chaos.
• Coal is a secire investment providing continuity in revenuing streams. Coal projects are less risky than renewable energy projects. The renewable energy resources fluctuate widely every year, that’s what make it too risky.
• Philippine’s financing institutions are more familiar with coal plant development. Thus, it will make them easier in managing the construction and operations. Meanwhile, Philippines still lacks of experience in developing renewable energy sources. It will make them rely on foreign contractors. In the end, it will cause excessive spending. The project of renewable energy costs a lot higher compare to other countries whose technologies have already in advanced level.

The issue about environmental damage caused by coal is heated. However, finding out the right solution to replace coal is also still in the process. Thus, most developing countries still need coal as their main energy sources. Philippines also has shown initiative and effort in developing renewable energy project. However, it’s not easy to maintain and do further development due to lack of technologies and high cost. Philippines rely on imported coals from its neighbor like Indonesia.

Being a great partner in coal supplying with Indonesia is advantageous. Both are located near to each other, making it more efficient in the process of delivering coal supply. It also won’t increase the expense of transportation. In addition, Indonesia also has many coal mining companies. Indonesia has many coal mining sites owned by government and independent companies. If you are interested to buy coal from Indonesia, you need to find reliable coal mining company first.

Coal Investors is one of the most trusted and reliablr coal mining company from Indonesia. It’s located in South Kalimantan. The coal mining site is owned by Coal Investors that you can even visit the site if you want to survey the location and the process of coal mining. Coal Investors is a great option if you want a reliable supplier. You can go for short or long-term contract. The price of coal mined by Coal Investors is competitive. However, you don’t need to doubt its quality coal. Coal Investors always opens hand for your visit anytime. However, make sure you make an appointment before visiting. Contact Coal Investors now to get more detailed information about coal suppying procedures.


Coals Demand In Cambodia

Coal has been a source of economic value in the world. Coal mining industry contributed to the development of economy worldwide. In addition, coal also plays major role as a source of employment. It was the third largest employer of the total mining workforce. Indeed, it keeps rising. The most important of all is the role of coal as the source of energy. Coal is the world’s dominant energy source. Electricity is being produced by the help of coal as it’s fuel.

To produce electricity, mined coal is delivered to coal-fired power plants. Then, the electricity is generated. The coal play important role in producing electricity. In the process, coal is combusted to boil water and then produce steam to operate a conventional steam turbine as well as generator. As the result, there is electricity that can be used for everyone who needs it. Cambodia is a country with growing power generation. The country even still imports electricity. The issue about future of energy generation in Cambodia is still in discuss.

A country like Cambodia is in an immediate need to produce electricity. However, infrastructure also requires expensive spending. Thus, Cambodia needs to balance between producing electricity at los cost to be able maintain and developing infrastructure. Coal is energy sources which can be a great solution. Electricity access is still hard to be delivered to everyone in Cambodia. The access is still limited so the process of developing electricity generation is in demand.

It seems that Cambodia will still need to import coal for its neghbor like Indonesia to fulfill their needs of energy source. That’s the way to solve problem in Cambodia. Coal is very important for Cambodia and it will continue to be important. However, Cambodia also needs to find the right coal technologies in order coal can be more efficiently consumed without harming the environment so it won’t lead to another problem.

It’s important to ensure that electricity transmission in Cambodia is efficient. For Cambodia, having stable grid which can handle intermittencies should comes before trying to have big renewable component. Energy flow should be balanced and maintained in a proper way so the needs of electricity in Cambodia can be fulfilled. Therefore, all people in Cambodia will be able to use electricity for their daily needs.

The future of power generation in Cambodia is predicted to stay at coal as the main source. It’s followed by a note on proper environmental management. Cambodia needs of coal is expected to benefits coal-fired power plants to produce electricity thoroughly to every region. The vision that Cambodia has is to deliver affordable electricity. Therefore, electricity distribution can be more even.

Cambodia currently has two coal-fired power plants. They are located in Preah Sihanouk province. Both has different owner. The one partially owned by Lao Meng Khin’s, Cambodian People’s Party Senator. Another is owned by Malaysian-owned Leader Universal Holdings. Coal will continue to be the main power asset in Cambodia. The reason is simple, coal is cheap. In addition, Cambodia will also have further coal projects in the future. Cambodia has a plan to build another power plant as part of energy production to provide electricity.

Cambodia’s main coal exporter is Indonesia, its neighbor. Indonesia is one of the largest coal producing in the world. Cambodia is also one of destination for Indonesia to export coal. There are many coal mining companies in Indonesia, and one of the most reliable one is Coal Investors. It’s coal mining company located in South Kalimantan and have their own coal mining sites. You can visit directly to the site to survey coal mining process and making a deal.


Vietnam Needs Of Coals

Coal is a plentiful resource used to produce energy. It has been used all over the world both in a form of electricity and heat. Even though some people think that coal is all the same, however it is a complex resource. It has varied composition even within the same deposit. Thus, each different coal is used for different purpose. Generally, coal is a useful energy resource which can help to our living. There are other types of energy resources other than coal but it’s one of the most sought amongst them. It is the cheapest source of energy and it also provides standle source of energy. Thus, even though there are some arguments about its impact to the environment, it’s still hard to replace coal with other energy sources.

There are many countries in the world depending on coal as their primary energy resource. Vietname is one those countries who rely on coal for their energy source especially for electricity. There are reason why coal is needed the most such as:

a.As told above that coal is way cheaper than other energy resources. Thus, for developing country like Vietnam, coal can be a solution for economical issue. A country cannot just give up on using energy resources just because they are not affordable. Thus, they need to find affordable energy source like coal. Vietnam have been using coals for years as their main energy source. It proves that coal is needed the most by developing country due to its low-price.

b.Coal provides more stable energy compare to others. There won’t be any sudden scarcity like natural gas. It doesn’t mean that coal will never be running out of stocks. However, it’s stability is ensured for a long period time ahead so there is no need to worry. Vietnam as a developing country need continuity in coal supply for their needs like building infrastructure, industrial, and other sectors.

Coal is irresistably needed by many developing countries. Even though there are calls to decrease the use of coal worldwide, the deman of coal is still high. To replace such important energy resource like coal means that the substitution should be there already. Thus, if the substitution can’t even be there yet, how come coal use can be decreased. Coal is considered as a source of economic value in many countries, included Vietnam.

Vietnam has electricity generated from coal-fired therman power plant by the accounts of 50%. The total power of this country mainly depends on coal. The use of renewable sources is still at the very low level. Thus, Vietnam still need coals as the primary energy sources. However, Vietnam cannot fulfill their needs of coals thoroughly due to lack of coal reserves. They need to import coal from other countries like Indonesia for coal supply.

Vietnam uses coal-fired themal power plant because it’s still the major role in generating electricity in this country. Like it or not, Vietnam needs to be dependant on coals. Thermal power plants needs to import coal to meet demand. Joining partnership for coal importing with Indonesian coal mining company can be advantageous though. Vietnam and Indonesia are located closely to each other. The budget for transportation or delivery process won’t be too high.

Furthermore, one of the most trusted and reliable coal mining company from Indonesia is Coal Investors who are available for coal supply partnership. Coal Investors are always ready for long-term contract in supplying coal to another country. Coal Investors own their coal mining site in South Kalimantan. Thus, buyers can make a direct call or visit the site to do a survey before making a deal.


Sri Lanka Imported Coals Consumption

Sri Lanka is considering coal power plants to meet its spiralling energy needs. The country was reliant to coal imports and started to consider clean energy. However, it cannot quit coal just entirely because they have high demand to meet growing. Small countries in the world are actually facing the same dilemma. To fuel their surging economic growth, it leads to the increasing amounts of energy as well. On the other hand, they lack of natural energy resources to generate energy themselve which make the problem is more complicated and dilemmatic.

However, Sri Lanka is a bit different from other small countries. It can turn the dilemma to become a quite successful strategy. Sri Lanka uses solar energy for homes and coal for industry. Thus, Sri Lanka will continue developing clean energy but still imports coals. In remote regions in Sri Lanka, electricity is not widely spread. Thus, Sri Lanka needs to continue building electricity generation to meet high demand in electricity distribution.

Sri Lanka has developing clean and sustainable sources of energy to meed their needs. However, coal cannot be cut entirely since the energy needs is too huge to be covered only by solar or other green energies. Even though coal is considered as one of the most polluting sources of electricity generation, it still plays major role in providing needs of power in the country, especially in small country like Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has a coal-fired power plant names The Norocholai Power Station. It generates more energy then any other facility there. In fact, Sri Lanka plans to build another coal-fired power plant on the island’s east coast. It’s planned to be the last coal-fired power plant to ever built by the government due to its mission to develop clean energy sources.

Sri Lanka relis on coal imports since it doesn’t have its own coal resources. China is important role in building up and constructing the country’s coal-fired plant as well as energy capacity. However, the second plant is planned to be built with the help from India. However, Sri Lanka imports coals from Indonesia as the main provider for coal supply. Sri Lanka depends on fossil fuels like coal as the main energy source since the price of oil keeps increasing.

The global demand of coal is high that importing coals from world’s biggest coal exporters can help. Sri Lanka also doesn’t have anu coal reserves so coal imports is still the first option to choose. The one existing coal power station in Sri Lanka has been running for six years and it will continue to run throughout the next two decades. Coal is considered to be cheap energy source which can meet electricity demand as well as increase quality of life for the citizens at lower cost.

There are many coal mining companies in the world that can export coals to Sri Lanka. However, Sri Lanks has neighbor with large coal production, Indonesia. Importing coals from Indonesia can be advantageous since it won’t require high cost for delivering process. Indonesia is one of the largest coal exporters in the world.

One of the most reliable mining company from Indonesia which won’t make you regret for having a partnership is Coal Investors. If you are looking for reliable coal supplier, you can directly contact Coal Investors for having further details about the process of coal supplying and contract. You can also directly visit the coal mining site of Coal Investors in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Go and take a look at how the company do the coal mining process by yourself. You will see the quality of coals to be supplied to other countries.


Bangladesh Needs More Imported Coals

Bangladesh has put interest in strengthening partnership with Indonesia especially in export and import. Bangladesh also needs imported coals from Indonesia since their energy supply is in demand. Indonesia as one of the largest producers of coals must be feeling great to see that Bangladesh has interest to do economical partnership in energy supply.

Bangladesh is still developing their country in many sectors included industrial sector. To fulfill the needs of energy supply, Bangladesh relies on imported coals since they can’t rely on their coal reserves alone. By joining partnership with Indonesia, Bangladesh has gained benefits. Indonesia is included into top ten list for coal reserves. Indonesia itself has relied on coal as the main energy supply for power plant, and other sectors. However, Indonesia has potential land with coals to be mined. Thus, Indonesia has still much of coal reserves to be exported to other countries who really need coals supply.

With friendly relationship between Bangladesh and Indonesia, it’s even beneficial to do export-import of coals. Bangladesh is still building power plants here and there so the needs of energy supply like coals in increased. Meanwhile, Indonesia has coal reserves which will be enough to fulfill Bangladesh’s needs in coals.

Indonesia has many promising coal mining companies especially because Indonesia has valuable coal mines in many places. However, it’s important to choose reliable company since coal supply should be done with the right procedure involving much money. Being selective in choosing coal mining company is essential for any buyers. Aside from it, type of contract should be chosen wisely, whether it’s short-term or long-term contract of coal supplying. However, long-term contract can be beneficial if you need continued coal supply so you don’t need to keep changing partnership.

One of the most reliable coal mining companies in Indonesia is Coal Investors. It’s coal mining company with good reputation in making client’s needs as priority. To fulfill your needs of coal supply, you can rely on Coal Investors, since it works professionally in coal export. These are reasons why you should choose Coal Investors:

a.Coal Investors offers affordable and competitive prices of coals. The price of coals is up and down. However, Coal Investors ensure you that the price will be very competitive. Thus, you still can afford to buy coals from Coal Investors as needed.

b.Coal supply in Coal Investors is stable and there is won’t be any running out of coals case. Coal Investors has their own coal mines located in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Coal supply will be able to fulfill every client’s needs. The mining process is directly done in the location and the coals will be exported directly from the site. Quality coal is fresh from mines.

c.Coal Investors is open either for short or long-term contract to supply coals. Everything needed for coal supplying will be delivered through clear and beneficial contract. As told above that client’s needs is priority. Hence contract will be as clear as the ice to make both parties gain benefits from the partnership.

There are many coal mining companies in the world. However, Coal Investors is one of the most reliable mining company which won’t make you regret for having a partnership. If you are looking for reliable coal supplier, you can directly contact Coal Investors for having further details about the process of coal supplying. Or, you can directly visit the coal mining site of Coal Investors in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, to take a look at how the company do the coal mining process and to see the quality of coals to be supplied to other countries. Coal Investors always open hands for a visit.


Raising Needs Of Coal In Pakistan

Pakistan is surely in a big need of energy. The rising energy needs has led to coal reservation. It’s estimated that Thar Coal reserves of Pakistan is about 175 billion tons. It is considered as one of the largest needs of coal in the world, but it’s hard to develop. The energy crisis in Pakistan is already in the level of serious. Energy demand happens to decrease while the industrialization keeps intense. Actually, coal has minor role as energy supply in Pakistan, considering that the main role falls to Thar Desert which has undeveloped coal reserves. That’s why annual demand of coal in Pakistan always exceeds supply.

The only way to solve rising coal needs is to relies on imported coals. Pakistan needs coal for industrial uses the most. The biggest needs for energy in Pakistan are electricity supply and industrial uses. Thus imported coals mean a lot for Pakistan as the country still need to develop their industrial and economic needs. Since laste year, Pakistan has targeted Indonesia as the valuable supplier for coal. It’s because Indonesia is one of the largest coal suppliers in the world. There are valuable coal mines in Indonesia. Thus, Indonesia can supply coals to other countries who really need them like Pakistan.

It’s estimated that Pakistan needs coal supply from Indonesia as much 15 to 20 billion tons per year. It will be used for Jamshoro, an electricity power plant which is financed by the World Bank. When the power plant starts operating, it needs stable source of energy. Coal is the solution for energy needs in Pakistan since it’s more affordable and the suppliers are quite a lot in the world. Meanwhile, Indonesia can be the great choice for partnering with Pakistan government for coal supply. Even though Pakistan has coal reserve in Thar, it’s still undeveloped so it needs further developing process. The infrastructure isn’t supported that the coal reserve is even harder to reach.

Pakistan still building power plant in to supply energy needs. It requires coal supply. There are many coal miners in Indonesia. However, to be partnered with trusted and reliable company is not easy though. One of the most reliable coal miners is Coal Investors. It’s reliable coal supplier that always put client’s needs as priority. What does Coal Investors offer as supplier ?

a.Coal Investors offers affordable and competitive prices of coals. For a developing country like Pakistan, money usually comes as the first issue. Get energy supply by imported coals can be the right solution but the budget for importing isn’t an easy decision though. With great offers from Coal Investors, client from Pakistan will get valuable contract.

b.Coal supply is stable and there is no word of running out of coals. Coal Investors has their own coal mine located in South Kalimantan. Coal supply will be able to fulfill every client’s needs. The mining process is directly done in the location which makes quality coal supply.

c.Coal Investors is ready for short or long-term contract in coal supplying. Everything needed for coal supplying will be delivered through promising contract. As told above that client’s needs is priority. Hence contract can be decided by both parties to meet ideal agreements.

If you are looking for reliable coal supplier, you can directly contact Coal Investors for having further details about the process of coal supplying. Or, you can directly visit coal mining site of Coal Investors in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, to take a look at how the company do the coal mining process and to see the quality of coals to be supplied to other countries. Coal Investors always open hands for a visit.


Coal Supply in Massive Scale

Indonesia has got coal as their large industry. The ambition of Indonesian government to build power plant in massive scale leads them to use more coal and receive routine supply. However, electricity generation will not work without the help of coal as its source of energy. Hence, PLN, as state-owned electricity utility needs to fulfill the increased needs of coal supply. Coal from Indonesia has been famous in other foreign countries. Low and medium quality type of thermal coals are most demand which contribute for various industries. Indonesia produce thermal coal the most and it has been exported to other countries needed such as India and China. Those countries need coal for their industries which will influence the growth of economy as well.

Finding coal supplier

PLN with their ambition to build 35.0000 MW power plant surely need coal supplier. It is important to find trusted and reliable supplier which do things professionally:

– Ready to supply in massive scale

For PLN and other large industries, coal supply is important element to generate source of energy. Hence, supplier should be the one which is able to supply in massive scale. For large industries, coal needed is not only one or two tons but much more than that. Hence, coal miners or traders with small scale will not always be ready with this kind of pressure.

– Supply Routinely

Coal supply needed for large industries should be provided routinely so the machines will keep on working. Coal as alternative fuel play big role in generating energy. Hence, coal supply should be fulfilled by the supplier routinely at least once a month.

– Private Coal Miner

Private coal miner will be helpful fir PLN and other industries to fulfill the need of huge and routine coal supply. However, choosing the best private coal miner is a must so there won’t be any problem rises in the future while holding the deals. There are lots of private sector for coal mining in Indonesia but the most reliable one should be chosen.

Coal Investors

Coal Investors is one of the biggest coal mining company in Indonesia. Located in South Kalimantan, we are open for new investors. We are ready to provide coal supply in massive scale and routine delivery. As coal is vital energy needed all over the world, we are the pro$isimg company to fulfill coal demand for local and international investors.

We use clean coal mining technologies which will reduce the emission. The impact of coal mining to enviroment has become a big issue so we are doing our best to provide safe and clean coal mining so it can reduce the impact. Industry of coal not only increase the profit but also give a chance to employ people. With coal industry, there are people who are able to work and get proper salary for their living. Indonesia’s coal production is one of the most awaited by other countries. Hence, the furute of coal mining in Indonesia is promising so investing will give benefits for all sectors.


Indonesia is part of Top 10 coal producers worldwide

Indonesia is part of Top 10 coal producers worldwide

Coal is the key to the worldwide structure of energy. It accounts for about 40% of the world’s electricity production, hence it is a leading source of electricity. It will soon replace oil and become the largest source of primary energy. Coal dominates the global energy arena due to its abundance, affordability and wide distribution across the world. Coal reserves are estimated at 869 billion tons based on the current production rate. This means that coal should last about 115 years longer compared to the conventional reserves of oil and gas. Especially noteworthy are the significant coal reserves in Asia and southern Africa, two areas of the world that face major challenges in supplying energy to their populations. Coal reserves are highly underestimated in comparison with conventional reserves of oil and gas.
The ten leading countries based on hard coal production

China is the chief coal producer while the United States comes in second. Other major coal producers are India and Australia. Five countries, namely China, the United States, Russia, India and Japan accounted for over 75% of worldwide coal consumption. Despite the swift deployment of renewable energy, mainly in the background of debates around climate change, it is coal that is responsible for the largest upsurge in energy requirement of all energy sources.

Approximately 90% of the total global coal is produced by ten countries with China running in the lead. The statistics below show countries that have substantial coal resources. The data has been based on a wide assortment of material, as well as data acquired from the World Energy Council and both national and international publications.

Coal production in Ukraine in 2013 was about 64.976 Million tons. With the ongoing conflict in the country, there has been a decline in coking coal production and in coal power generation, particularly in the affected eastern regions of the country. Indeed, the Donetsk region has experienced a fall of nearly 30% in coal production. As a result, Ukraine has started importing coal from South Africa and Russia for the purpose of power generation.

Colombia’s coal production was around 85.5 million tons in 2013, an output which represented a 4% drop off from its target of 89 Million tons. Coal exports were estimated at 94.3%. The country’s National Mining Agency reported an increase of 18% in mineral production.

Kazakhstan stands in eighth with a coal production of 116.6 million tons as of December 2012. Regarding consumption, Kazakhstan came in 12th, with coal accounting for nearly 85% of the nation’s entire connected power capacity. The country has an estimated reserve of about 33.6 billion tons and thus holds the eighth largest coal reserve. Kazakhstan has over 400 coal mines.

With about 260 million tons produced, South Africa comes in seventh in global coal production. The country is the sixth largest coal exporter, having traded about 74 million tons in 2012. South Africa mostly exports its coal to Europe, China, and India. It is estimated that over 90% of electricity production in South Africa depends on coal. South Africa’s established coal reserves had about 30.15 billion tons in

Russia comes in sixth regarding worldwide coal production. It produced 354.8 million tons of coal in 2012, of which 80% was steam coal and the rest coking coal. Russia is also the fifth largest consumer of coal. It exported 134 million tons in 2012, becoming the third largest coal exporter. With reserves of up to 157 billion tons, Russia is second in the world as pertains coal reserves. Open pit mining accounts for more than half of Russia’s coal production.


Indonesia comes fifth in coal production, having produced 386 million tons of coal. Indonesia and Australia have been head to head in coal production, and while in 2011 Indonesia overtook Australia in coal production by now the situation has been reversed. Coal is responsible for 44% of Indonesian electricity production. The country has about 5.5 billion tons of coal reserves based on 2012 statistics.

Coal output in Australia reached 413 million tons in 2013, positioning it at number four in the world. The country exports about 90% of its coal, coming in second after Indonesia, and in 2012 it exported 384 million tons. Australia otherwise maintains 76.4 billion tons in its reserves. The country has about 100 private coal miners carrying out open pit operations, and this method of mining accounts for 74% of Australia’s total coal production.

India’s coal production was about 605 million tons, making it the third largest producer globally. India consumed 8% of the total world?s coal, making it the third largest consumer of the resource as well. It is also the third largest importer of coal with a total of 160 million tons in imports, trailing behind China and Japan. Around three-quarters (68%) of electricity generation in India depends on coal. The verified coal reserves in India are estimated at 60.6 billion tons as of 2013, ranking again as number three globally.

The United States is second worldwide in coal production, generating 922 Million tons of coal in the 2012/2013 period representing approximately 13% of global coal production. It is also the second biggest coal consumer. US consumption of coal is estimated at 11% of the world’s total usage, and nearly 37% of the nation’s electricity production depends on coal. The US also has the world’s largest coal reserves, measuring in at approximately 237 billion tons.

China has been the biggest coal producer in the past three decades. China produced nearly 3.7 billion tons of coal in 2013 representing 47% of global total coal yield. The country also consumes more than half of the world’s total coal consumption. China is the third worldwide as relates to coal reserves, with an estimate of 114.5 billion tons per December 2012 statistics. It is estimated that China uses half of its coal for power generation, which accounts for over 80% of the country’s electricity production.

Coal is proving critical in the world’s energy growth. The need for coal is ever increasing, and ever larger percentages of electricity produced in the world is becoming reliant on power plants that use the resource. Regardless of the enormous distribution of coal reserves worldwide, these amounts are proving to not be enough. Furthermore, the ecological harms that come as a result of activities related to coal activities are grave matters and, thus, proper actions have to be taken. Consequently, it is essential for governments to discover innovative technologies for improved mining and coal processing, while also taking into account efficiency and the importance of environmental sustainability. It is paramount for policy makers come up with long-lasting technological solutions that look into future, hence putting the coal sector on a path that would allow it to respond better to future global challenges.

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