Coal Energy, Coal Power, Coal Plant. Coal investors is reliable coal suppliers in indonesia, coal mining company from south kalimantan - indonesia.


GAR 3800 - 3600, GAR 4200 - 4000, GAR 6000 - 5800

150,000 - 300,000 metric ton per month per calorie, 65,000 mt / shipment, loading by crane and grab


Send us your LOI by email to : info(@) or more information please call directly to our mobile number / chat whatsapp : +62 878 5272 6300

Steam Coal from South Kalimantan - Indonesia

Coal Investors is coal mining and coal trading company in south kalimantan.

COAL Calorie

We are produce : GAR 3800 - 3600 , GAR 4200 - 4000 , GAR 6000 -5800

COAL Cargo

Typical cargo : Single Coal and Blended Coal. Original cargo from South Kalimantan.

COAL Payment

Payment : 100% LC at Sight, Irrevocable and Non Transferable. We can do FOB MV and/or CNF/CFR/CIF discharging port.

COAL Quantity

Quantity : 65,000 mt / shipment, loading by crane and grabe.

COAL Production

Production per calorie : 150,000 - 300,000 mt / month.

COAL Buyers

Open for coal buyers, coal traders, coal users from local or worldwide client.

GAR 3800 - 3600 , 4200 - 4000, 6000 - 5800

Now Available for local buyer and export. Steam coal sources from single coal in south kalimantan.

Coal News

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